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Can we move /Shift the Location of the Sanitizing Chamber?

Yes you can shift move the scion tising chamber what channel if the movement and shifting is on regular basis it is recommended to opt for sanitizing chamber DX as it has built-in lockable wheels

Do you Export these Sanitising Chambers/tunnels/DIY kits ?

Yes we can export these chambers and DIY kits subject to Indian Government Approving for the same .

How do we use the DIY - Do it Yourself Kits?

The DIY kits for misting spray come with all accessories as mentioned in the website you can make your own chamber or Tunnel  and put the DIY and start operating .

Is a separate Compressor required for Fog Mist Spray Creation ?

No separate compressor is required for mist creation, it has a built in pump to do the needful .

What consumables are required ?

Distilled water or clean water along with the disinfectant sanitizing chemical is all that is required as a consumable .

How will support be provided ?

We provide easy to understand instruction manual along with telephonic and online support as required

Do you offer Discounts on the Sanitising Chambers/tunnels/DIY kits ?

We have a fixed price policy and do not offer any discounts until it is a bulk order or dealer order wherein Minimum Order quantity ( MOQ) is defined .

Do you supply to Dealers who wish to Resell and supply further to end Users ?

Yes we do supply to Resellers/ Dealers at a Special Discounted price with Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).

How many people can walk through the disinfection tunnel/sanitising chamber?

Only one person can walk through the tunnel at one time.

Will it prevent the spread of Coronavirus infection?

Yes, it will prevent the spread of COVID-19. Handbags, suitcases, clothes and shoes can be silent carriers of the virus. Once a person carrying any of these walks through the disinfection tunnel, all these items will get disinfected automatically.

Will the chemical have an impact on the eyes and skin?

It is very necessary that the disinfectant used to spray mist in the chamber is as per WHO guidelines. If proper, strict WHO recommendations and permissible limits are followed, then the disinfectant is completely safe for human eyes and skin.

Where can the Sanitising Chamber be used?

It can be installed at major entry points of hospitals, airports, shopping malls, factory premises, supermarkets, railway stations, schools, institutions and other public spaces.

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